MP3: Vonnegutt - "Going Home"



Brilliantly named (RIP Kurt) Georgia hip-hoppers Vonnegutt, fresh off an awesome Big Boi collab and remix, deliver a sugar-sweet first mp3 from their upcoming mixtape Free.99. “Going Home” might be the most tailor made for frat parties song since “I Love College” – a bubbly, almost Strokes -like guitar line and autotuned “wha-ohs” reminiscent of 3OH!3’s back up smoothly delivered rhymes about drinking and women. Head vocalist Kyle Lucas is a way better rapper than Asher Roth, though, and all in all the song’s just as catchy as any of your frat-hop favorites, just more musically adept. Put this on and crack open a Four Loko while you still can.

DOWNLOAD: Vonnegutt - Going Home by Pretty Much Amazing