Voxtrot - Trepanation Party


This is an interesting song. Voxtrot has shifted gears from their last few albums, opting to go the dark, 80s music route rather than to stay on the sunny-pop path that they had so well-paved.


"Trepanation Party" kicks off with some intimidating piano chords and retro synths straight of of The Cure's playbook. The vocals follow suit, with a Duran Duran feel that doesn't quite work. Once the chorus kicked in, I realized I didn't like my song- the "everyone I know, is losing their minds" line had no emotional or musical impact on me, instead falling really flat. This song has the strange problem of not being effective in any way. If it's trying to be catchy, it just isn't catchy enough. If it's trying to be creepy and dark, it just isn't creepy and dark enough. And if it's trying to be fun, well, then it really failed.