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VV Brown - Quick Fix

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I know that a '60s-rhythm in pop music is as ubiquitous as a Burberry scarf in a snowday (I think I've seen 14 today), but VV Brown is always a pleasant twist in the mix. She reminds me of a quirky, "do-wop indie" Santoigold. Her debut single, "Crying Blood" had me (along with everyone else) thinking she would take over the world in 2009. With her debut album, Traveling Like The Light, hitting stores on May 11th, she very well might be on her way.

But to take over the world, she is going to need more than one catchy single. What about two? VV Brown's next single "Leave" was released yesterday and it includes remixes from Little Boots and Drumsound & Simon Bassline. However, VV Brown doesn't call it a day until she gives away a song for free. Cue "Quick Fix."

VV Brown - Quick Fix