MP3: Wale - "Bait"


Wale is still looking to be crowned DC’s hip hop hero. And although some of his music has been on the questionable side, he has not let his recent signing to Rick Ross’ Maybach Music Group stop him from showcasing his DMV (DC, Maryland and Virginia) roots.

On his latest leak entitled “Bait” (a DC slang word use to describe a hot girl), Wale reels us in while keeping it local, with the help of producer Tone P (of The Best Kept Secret) and the Go-Go inspired band, TCB (Total Control Band). Lyrically, Wale’s talent can’t be denied here; while he rides the beat nicely, he also makes it clear that this song is dedicated to those from his home turf, so some of the lingo may fly over people’s heads – although the track is catchy enough to look past that.

It's still unclear whether or not Wale can officially bring ‘home’ to the masses. But he’s definitely trying his best to make that happen.

Wale - "Bait" (MP3)