Wale - Family Affair


I tried to keep up with this new wave of rappers that seem to be hitting hard this year, but it has been too damn hard. Do you know how often these dudes are dropping new material? It's exhausting. Go to the rap blogs that update 40 times a day if you need to be up-to-date on every crappy song some Twapper zShares, but this Twapper (a rapper who leaks songs via Twitter) happens to offer an almost constant stream of decadent material. This new track, "Family Affair," is a huge improvement from the last track I posted from Wale, "Penthouse Anthem" way back in April — no doubt, there are about a dozen new Wale tracks that have leaked since then and now.


Though just like Kid Cudi, Wale's latest stuff is disappointing when compared to his two gorgeous mixtapes, "The Mixtape About Nothing" and "100 Miles & Running" (he had other mixtapes in 2005 and 2006, but yeah... I don't care). The only post-Seinfeld Wale track I felt compared to the greatness we saw in his Mixtapes was his album's first single, "Chillin'" featuring M.I.A. Lady GaGa.

"Family Affair" features a smooth R&B beat and signs that Wale is on his way back to greatness. This song is self-indulgent and sappy, but what else would you expect from Wale? A bit more of this and we'll be back on track, ready for Attention: Deficit, or sooner yet, his fifth mixtape, "Back To The Feature" which Wale says will be out no later than June 13th. Read on for "Family Affair"