Wale & Lady GaGa - Chillin'


Wale (rhymes with Lupe, I'm sick of people calling him whale) has finally dropped the first single off his debut album, Attention: Deficit which will see its release this summer. The DCist brings his absolute A-game in this what will be the biggest electro-rap single since Kanye's very own "Stronger." I can call this with little doubt because of Lady GaGa's involvement in the track. It seems that she can do no wrong on the radio nowadays.


If you have been following Wale's latest couple of mixtapes, you'd know that Wale isn't covering new ground on "Chillin'," but instead, he is repaving the road he's built up so far. If this is your first taste of Wale, then you're lucky enough to have "Chillin'" as your head squire in your quest to find Wale.

The funny thing is that, on "Chillin'," Lady GaGa gets her M.I.A. on. As I write this, I can just imagine your eyes rolling. Just listen to GaGa's hook, "lookin' at, lookin' at, lookin' at me...," can you honestly tell me she doesn't sound just like M.I.A. right there? Will this be a trend in new Lady GaGa music? Is this the 2009 equivalent of Gwen Stefani going reggae or Harajuku?

I know you hate comparing artists as much as I do, but in this case, I am having the hardest time distinguishing a difference between what Kid Cudi and Wale are doing to the game right now. The only difference may be that Wale's lead single is loads more interesting than "Day N Nite" or "Sky Might Fall."