Washed Out - Luck / Hold Out



Combining a hip-hop beat Andre 300 and Big Boi would want to rap over with energetic synth rhythms and hazy, slow vocals, Ernest Green, the mastermind behind the new Georgia sensation Washed Out, has created an interesting and original blend of many different styles.

The one-man-ominous-synthfilled-indie band thing has really caught on lately, but surprisingly a lot of these guys have created original and successful music. Instead of being clumped together as a group of artists who create almost the same music, these guys all find their own unique voice.

“Luck” and “Hold Out” only scratch the surface of how good Washed Out is, but these two tracks are good introductions to Ernest’s music. With the diversity amongst the tracks on their EP Life of Leisure, Ernest Greene has a good shot at making a real name for himself in the indie scene.

Washed Out -

Washed Out -