MP3: WAVVES - "Horse Shoes"


When you think about Wavves you probably think about Nathan Williams’ unabashed stream of weed-related tweets and about the stoner lo-fi opus his trio released in 2010, King of the Beach. You probably don’t think about Williams’ demos with Zach Hill of Hella and general percussion mastery, which is a shame, because those demos are some of his best work (“Cool Jumper,” anyone?) Williams dropped one of those demos yesterday – “Horse Shoes” first showed up on a 2009 Daytrotter session with Hill, but you can download a sped-up, smoldering re-recorded version now.

“Horse Shoes” starts out slow and simple and ends up collapsing beautifully in on itself as Hill’s drumming gets more and more impossible and that whistling carnival music runs itself into smaller and smaller circles. Check it out.

WAVVES - "Horse Shoes"