We All Like Tigersapien



A couple of months ago, I introduced you guys to Tigersapien, and everyone seemed to dig these guys. For good reason, too. These New York and Philly natives have created what sounds like a kick-ass DJ in band form. They have efficiently meshed electro and rock together in a way MSTRKRFT fails to do. They really are a rock band with a sweet tooth for electro, and they do a fantastic job of satisfying our sweet tooth no nonsense, sweaty music.

In my first post, I presented you with two Tigersapien tracks, "Luxury" and "Youth & Vitality," today I decided to share the other Tigersapien tracks I had laying around — the fist pumpin' "Right Angles," the fantastically thrashy "God Knows," and the face-melting riffage of "Used To Be." I'm also throwing in Designer Drugs' remix of "Youth & Vitality" — all after the jump.

Tigersapien - Right Angles
Tigersapien - God Knows
Tigersapien - Used To Be
Tigersapien - Youth & Vitality (Designer Drugs Remix)