REC'D MP3: Weeknd - "Initiation" (from Echoes of Silence)


The Toronto-based reigning king of dubby R&B is The Weeknd’s 21-year-old mastermind Abel Tesfaye, and he’s not going to be forfeiting his crown anytime soon. Even after dropping House of Balloons and Thursday, Tesfaye’s hinting at a third mixtape release since March of this year, Echoes of Silence.

Our first taste is “Initiation,” a song that sounds nothing like its mixtape’s title. It’s a massive, stunningly complex track, super heavy on the bass – put your headphones on, turn up that subwoofer, whatever it takes! Tesfaye’s voice is phenomenally sexy, even pitch shifted in a thousand directions. You’ll want to listen about at least ten times.

The Weeknd - "Initiation" (mp3)

Hear Drake at the end there? Baller.

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