Weird Tapes Remixes Britney Spears, If U Seek Amy/Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Heads Will Roll


If U Seek Amy (Weird Tapes Remix)


It's a good muffled remix that picks up in the middle, but the fun and energy of the original seem to get lost in this translation.

Though Britney's own melodic double entendre doesn't come in until about mid-way through the song, the robotic "Fuck Me, Fuck Me" voice makes some much needed extra appearances in this version.

Heads Will Roll (Weird Tapes Remix)

Karen O's vocals are much more prominently featured on the Heads Will Roll Remix than Britney's was on the If U Seek Amy Remix and this remix is much more likely to garner repeat listens but again, you find yourself missing the energy and fun of the original.

Out of the two though, this one is hands down the keeper. Grab them both after the jump

epic photo by girl detective.
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