Download: White Denim - "Darlene" and "Gas on F"

White Denim

White Denim released a great EP last year called Takes Place in Your Work Space, and it turns out to be the gift that keeps on giving: here are two tracks the Austin trio recorded for the EP but ended up scrapping. As much as we loved the wide-open, broodingly gorgeous heartache of Work Space tracks like “No Real Reason,” we’re loving the intimate, confessional vibe of these songs, the honky-tonk inflected “Darlene,” whose distorted vocals and metallic guitar tone seriously melt our hearts, and the moodier, driving-into-the-sunset torch burner “Gas On F” – that groove! that solo! those vocals! Give both tracks a listen or ten.

White Denim: "Darlene" // MP3

White Denim: "Gas on F" // MP3