Wilco - Sonny Feeling


Oh how I love summer. I love the beach, the sun, sunglasses (really, I love 'em), barbecues, daily trips to Pinkberry and, of course, flexin' my summer playlist skills. As you may know, a summer playlist is nothing without those luscious, almost eatable summer songs. You know the type — they fill the time between Memorial Day and Labor Day, scoring every ice cream cone, beach party, bon fire, and that afternoon hammock nap that you're planning on taking later today.


Is anyone wondering why "Sonny Feeling," in its bopping, joyous glory, would be categorized as such?

Off Wilco's remarkably enjoyable new album, amusingly titled Wilco (The Album), "Sonny Feeling" nearly-closes the record (that honor is reserved for haunting "Everlasting") on a high note. I have only had this song for a few weeks and it has already proven that it can easily turn a dull moment on its head. Sometimes literally (more on that on my X-Rated blog, LuisGoneWild.com... I kid).

I won't try to turn the beautiful array of summer songs we already have this year into some kind of contest by ranking them, but if I were inclined to do so... "Sonny Feeling" would not be far from the top. ;)

Listen to "Sonny Feeling" here

Wilco - Sonny Feeling | mp3