REC'D MP3: Wild Beasts - "Loop The Loop"


Over a month ago now, Kendal's own avant-garde pop constructionists, Wild Beasts, released their third full length, Smother, via their faithful label, Domino. The record explores the erotic downbeat that was found on songs like “Underbelly” and "When I'm Sleepy" from 2009's Two Dancers. Unlike that record, which as a whole was more upbeat and rhythmic, Smother is a record consisting of love ballads: slow, ethereal, haunting, lush. The group has just pulled a surprise gesture, and are giving away album highlight and one of their personal favorite cuts from the record, “Loop The Loop,” as a free download.

As frontman Hayden Thorpe puts it, "it's got a humbleness and acceptance of difficult things and yet it draws a positivity from those things." You can download it below, though at this point, it really shouldn't matter as you probably have already heard Smother at least a dozen times by now.

Wild Beasts - Loop The Loop (MP3)