Wolf Parade - "Ghost Pressure" and "What Did My Lover Say"


Wolf Parade’s seven years as a group have been seven years defining and perfecting a sound, a unique and stunning sound that doesn’t steal from the universe of Quebecois bands (of which they make up a vital part), but rather gives it a sharp, rapidly expanding edge. With the two teaser tracks leading into the band’s third full-length album, Expo 86, due for release June 29, Wolf Parade have taken the strange, volatile energy we love them for and channeled it into songs that are denser, fuller, and more mature.

“Ghost Pressure” is gentler, more electronic, driven by a computerized back beat, fleshed out with sharp guitar chords. It sounds like walking at night in the rain – like much of the band’s material, a powerful melodic melancholy, with an incredible bridge.

“What Did My Lover Say” is all sharp, distorted guitar, movement like limping, uneven steps. “I don’t think that I should be sorry for things I do in dreams,” Dan Boeckner sings. It’s twitchy, unapologetic, unstable, about to break – and endlessly listenable.

Wolf Parade's Expo 86 is out June 29th. Pre-Order the album now. Download more Wolf Parade from eMusic’s risk free 35 Free MP3 offer.