Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Heads Will Roll, Music Video & Remixes


Hands down the coolest music video I've seen in 2009. The video opens up to what has to be the coolest dinner theatre ever and Karen O sporting one of the funkiest outfits I've encountered in a while. The rest of the video's short 3 minutes involves a Thriller-esque Michael Jackson move-jocking dancing werewolf massacring the poor dinner theatre audience Quintin Tarantino style, with a twist — instead of red corn syrup gushing out of the dismembered victim, it's a shiny, bright red confetti bloodbath. "Heads Will Roll"...

Finally now people can get over "Zero" and start the awesome remix action on "Heads Will Roll" — can we get Animal Collective to give us a PROPER Yeah Yeah Yeahs remix? C'mon AC, give "Heads Will Roll" a spin.

Until we wait for that to happen, here are some slick remixes of "Heads Will Roll" that are already out there