Yes Giantess


I was never really sold on Yes Giantess (formerly just Giantess). Something always felt off. But when NME started hyping them up for their Radar tour, I started paying better attention. Say what you will about NME, but they have turned me onto some great acts (La Roux, Friendly Fires, Little Boots, The Big Pink), so I'll give anyone they hype a second chance.


The electropop outfit's "Tuff 'n' Stuff" was released earlier this year by Neon Gold, backed by "You Were Young." The first half of the song is uninteresting, but somewhere near the 2 minute mark, "Tuff 'n' Stuff" is injected with Grade A pop magic. The connection wasn't instant, at least not with me, but with a few listens, it becomes painfully clear that this song is pretty damn great.

Yes Giantess - Tuff 'n' Stuff | mp3

Neon Gold have  also posted a brand new Yes Giantess remix of Erik Hassle's debut UK single "Don't Bring Flowers." I'm not a big Hassle fan, but for those who must know, he is an up and coming Swedish pop act. You might dig his "Hurtful."

Erik Hassle - Don't Bring Flowers (Yes Giantess Remix) | mp3