Yo La Tengo - Here To Fall


Some claim that our generation has a phobia of commitment. I guess we deserve it, with all the shit that’s proliferating the mainstream media, sometimes it seems romance and/or commitment are things of the past.


However, Yo La Tengo’s newest release totally negates any of these accusations. A mellow, jazzy number, "Here to Fall" is the type of track that takes you back to those infant stages of romance, when the butterflies were still fresh and the optimism was high.

(Deep Sigh)

The second release off their highly anticipated Popular Songs album, it’s an ode to falling in love, or at least, getting to that point.

It says something that Pitchfork’s already deemed it fitting under the "best new music" category. Laden with strings, cool mellow cymbals and just enough backbeat to give the track a little kick, Ira Kaplan’s soothing vocals are nothing short of dreamy.

"Here to Fall" is a solid addition to what is sure to be a great album from Yo La Tengo, due out September 8th.

Verdict: Giving the hopeless romantics out there (myself included) some optimism. A very cool track, with an almost movie soundtrack-esque quality about it.

Listen to it here.