Harriet Smith Seduced My Ears



We don't do enough of these up-and-comers posts. Let's fix that. Harriet Smith is a lovely, soulful find hailing from Southampton, UK. Miss Smith delivers the hauntingly beautiful* melodies in the same bittersweet vain as Ani DiFranco, Indigo Girls, and Missy Higgins. Harriet just loves to write and play music and she's been working on her own stuff for a while.

Out of the tracks I've heard, two really stood out. The first, "Manner of Speaking," is a seductive and luring song about showing what you mean without really saying anything. Indeed, Harriet Smith reminds me of Martina Topley Bird's sly, sexy, and seductive stylings. "Modern Culture" picks the tempo up and wraps up to be a pretty mellow, toe-tappin' song. Maybe it's just that I'm writing this at a Starbucks, but damn — this is fantastic coffeeshoppe music. Alert the media, Harriet Smith tastes delicious with coffee.

* I know these two words put together is the biggest cliche in the book, but it's the only way I can describe Harriet Smith

Listen to "Manner of Speaking" and "Modern Culture" after the jump

Harriet Smith - Manner of Speaking

Harriet Smith -Modern Culture