You Oughtta Know: Hockey



No, not the sport. The awesome, funky, LCD Soundsystem-esque band that is making their way through the blogosphere. That Hockey.

Hockey is hailed as a synth-laden version of The Strokes, or perhaps more accurately by "if Julian Casablancas and James Murphy had met in 80s New York and become inseparable buddies, dragging each other in and out of CBGBs and Studio 54."

The band is likely to be one of 2009's big breakout artists, and their great single "Too Fake" shows off immense versatility. Starting out with a new-wave, electro opening and building to a catchy, poppy chorus, "Fake" should be on repeat for all PMA readers this week. Let me know what you think- a YSI download link is posted below.

Hockey- Too Fake