REC'D MP3: You Won't - "Television" & "Three Car Garage"


A couple weeks ago I Guess I'm Floating got hold of a charming bedroom pop/folk jam by a Boston based outfit called You Won't. “Three Car Garage” displays the band's affinity with simply constructed, minimalist pop songs, and it's immediate rhythms makes it one hell of a catchy song. The band has just uploaded a new track to their Bandcamp, and it's equally as sweet and endearing. “Television” is one of the barest pop songs we've heard recently, comprising of only vocals, hand claps (which i reckon are real and not samples) and some home worn piano chords. Hear the medley below, You Won't be sorry... Too cheesy?

You Won't's self-released debut album, Skeptic Goodbye is available for purchase on Bandcamp.

You Won't - "Television" (mp3)

You Won't - "Three Car Garage" (mp3)

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