You, You're Awesome


In case you haven't been tuned in to your music blogs of late, New York's well-known CMJ music festival took place last week, allowing the current buzz bands their time to shine and make their names known. The wonderful blog I Guess I'm Floating has taken a liking to CMJ up-and-comers You, You're Awesome, and PMA thinks you might like them too.


Primarily an instrumental band, You, You're Awesome has two electronic jams that might be your thing, or might not.

The first, "I'm Deaf and You're Boring," basically takes Death Cab For Cutie's "I Will Possess Your Heart" jam into an alternate universe where it's even weirder and cooler. With a calm, psychedelic guitar and drum backdrop overshadowed by beeps and blips galore, it builds to a steady, catchy keyboard hook that loops and hypnotizes. Unfortunately, it loops some french numbers in there as well, recalling some very bad high school french class memories for me (pour moi).

You, You're Awesome - I'm Deaf and You're Boring

The second, "International Fan Club of the World," has more of the same, fuzzy, computer sounds repeated over a building drum roll that sounds like it could be the perfect soundtrack for a très-cool car commercial (there I go again with the stupid French). Not quite as poppy or fun as "Deaf," but still a jam, "International Fan Club" could easily be bangin' on some club dance floor's by year's end. And if You, You're Awesome's live show is as good as IGIF says it is, this buzz band will most likely keep on buzzing, and keep on gaining steam in this world we call the blogosphere.

You, You're Awesome - International Fan Club of the World