MP3: Yuck - Daytrotter Session


Our favorite new band of 2011, London's own garage rockers Yuck, have recently stopped by the formidable Daytrotter to record a session of some of the highlights from their debut self-titled LP.

The repertoire includes highlights “The Wall,” “Shook Down” (which happens to be on our Top 25 Songs of 2011 so far), “Suicide Policeman” and “Holing Out.” They're a bit less polished than their studio counterparts, more acoustic oriented and less distorted. They're certainly not as loud, save for a psychedelic solo that appears at the end of “Suicide Policeman” which did not exist before. Totally awesome.

Nonetheless, it's certainly the Yuck we've grown to love these past few months, focusing on their more melodic ballads than the raunchier tunes they have to offer like “Get Away” or “Rubber.” Download the session at the ever-loving Daytrotter and enjoy! Here's just a taste:

Yuck - "The Wall" (Daytrotter) (mp3)