mp3: Yuck - "Rebirth"

First new song from the band after losing their frontman.

If one contemporary band ever could write a song called "Rebirth," it's probably Yuck - the denim-appreciative London-based trio were a denim-appreciative London-based quartet until April of this year, when they announced former frontman Daniel Blumburg, whose yearning vocals took center stage on most of the band's released material, was leaving to focus on other projects. Now Max Bloom, whose laconic singing and '90s-indebted songwriting were showcased on one of our favorite Yuck tracks, "Operation," has taken over frontman duties - that's him singing on "Rebirth," our first taste of new music from the new iteration of the band. We particularly love that guitar line, and Bloom's vocals are great; we can't wait to hear what the rest of the (as yet unannounced) record sounds like. Listen or download on the band's new website, and stay tuned!