MP3: Zola Jesus - "Vessel"


Just the other day we received word that the upcoming album from French producer M83 would feature gothic expansionist Niki Danilova a.k.a. Zola Jesus, and now we can share a new track from the artist's forthcoming full length, Conatus.

“Vessel” is as dark and mysterious as the repertoire that preceded it, found on her most recent Stridulum and Valusia EPs, but it's also got a bit more of a beat to it, and slightly easier to groove to. It's more focused on electronic melodies and faint drum kits, bearing a bit of resemblance to electronic powerhouses The Knife or even Planningtorock. Download “Vessel” below; Conatus drops October 4th via Sacred Bones.

Zola Jesus - "Vessel" (MP3)

Zola Jesus: Conatus Tracklist

01 “Swords”
02 “Avalanche”
03 “Vessel”
04 “Hikikomori”
05 “Ixode”
06 “Seekir”
07 “In Your Nature”
08 “Lick the Palm of the Burning Handshake”
09 “Shivers”
10 “Skin”
11 “Collapse”