21 Most Anticipated Record Store Day Releases



Saturday’s Record Store Day, so stop torrenting stuff, get off your computer, steal your roommate’s record player, and high-tail it down to your local neighborhood record store to pick up one or all of these awesome exclusive releases. You might have to literally fight with one of us for them, so we hope you picked up on some of your grandma’s Black Friday skills (because we did).

Best Coast, Fear of My Identity / Who Have I Become 7"

Based on her track titles alone, it sounds like Bethany Cosentino’s gearing up to release the angst 7” of the century.

Chelsea Wolfe / King Dude, Sing Songs Together split 7"

Chelsea Wolfe and King Dude pretty much only have the questionably accurate “goth” moniker in common, so we’re excited to hear them cover each other’s songs this on collaborative release.

Evian Christ, Duga-3 12"

We fell in love with Evian Christ’s smart samples, and we’re excited to see what he’ll do on this twenty-minute experimental track.

Dan Deacon, Konono Ripoff No. 1 7"

“Konono Ripoff” is a highlight of Deacon’s live set, and here he plays it with four drummers. What’s not to love?

Grizzly Bear, Horn of Plenty

Grizzly Bear’s decade-old debut Horn of Plenty has never been released on vinyl. If you’re a Grizzly Bear fan, you’ll want to add this to your collection.

MGMT, Alien Days cassette

MGMT are releasing the first sneak preview of their new record on this cassette. Our guess is it’ll be one of the most in-demand RSD exclusives.

Moon Duo, Circles Remixed

Moon Duo’s Circles is great, and the last time they released a remix record (of their 2010 album Mazes), it was also great, so this is pretty much guaranteed to be, um, great.

Kate Nash, Free My Pussy 7"

As a feminist (and Kate Nash fan), I can’t not want to buy something called Free My Pussy. It also comes on heart-shaped vinyl and the b-side is called “Free My Pussy Riot Now!,” hearkening to the realest riot grrls alive.

Phoenix, Entertainment 7"

You’ve already heard the single, but the b-side is a “Korean version.” What does that even mean?

Pretty & Nice, Q_Q 7"

Boston’s Pretty & Nice are making some of the smartest, most irresistible indie pop out there. This 7” will give you a peek at their forthcoming record.

Rhye, Open 7”

One of our favorite singles in recent memory comes backed with instrumental and live versions.

Ty Segall, Ty Rex II 7"

Ty Segall covers two T. Rex songs on this exclusive 7” for Goner Records.

Sonny and the Sunsets, Imagine 7"

Sonny and company serve up their take on John Lennon’s “Imagine” and offer up a new original track, too. Maybe it’ll be something off their upcoming record?

Tame Impala EP 12"

Tame Impala are finally releasing their debut EP on vinyl, with two exclusive songs that didn’t make the original release as well.

Tegan and Sara, Closer Remixed 12"

If you love “Closer” enough that you can listen to variations on it eight times, pick this 12” up – it includes eight exclusive remixes of the track.

The Thermals, Desperate Ground Demos 7"

Saddle Creek’s offering up four home-recorded four-track versions of demos from the Thermals’ upcoming record Born to Kill.

Titus Andronicus, Record Store Day 12"

You’ve heard “Still Life with Hot Deuce and Silver Platter,” but you haven’t heard the two exclusive tracks on this 12”, “(I’ve Got A) Date Tonight” and “The Dog.”

White Stripes, Elephant

Third Man is always doing crazy stuff for RSD and this year just so happens to be the 10th anniversary of the White Stripes’ Elephant. They’re not entirely transparent about just what exclusives you’ll get with the reissue, but they’re likely to be awesome.

The xx, Jamie xx Edits 12"

Jamie’s remix of his band’s “Sunset,” backed with a remixed bonus track “Reconsider” – both are likely to be awesome.

Burger Records comp, The Taste of Burger Records

Burger Records booked some of the most amazing SXSW shows and always have killer cassette sales from all our favorite pop-punk and psych acts, so their first ever cassette mixtape will likely be awesome.

Sacred Bones Records comp, Todo Muere Vol .3

Sacred Bones has one of the most unique rosters out there, and they got eight of their artists to record exclusive tracks. Come for the Men’s exclusive track “B-Minor,” stay for a German version of Moon Duo’s “I Can See.”