CLOSED: Congratulations Jackie Q [#293] — check your email gurl!

Before we get into this, a quick note — This week, I (Luis) haven't been posting as much as I would like to. I have been having to deal with a few issues and will be even more busy this weekend. Thankfully I have Adam now to pick up the slack somewhat. Everything should be back to normal on Monday afternoon Tuesday-ish! I will try to post today (Thursday) and Friday if I can, but I'm not promising anything. Anyway, thank you for sticking it out and not forgetting me! :) Onto the giveaway...

It's been a while since PMA's had a giveaway, here's to changing that. PMA is giving away this pretty cool Alessi watch from their Kaj collection. Here's a product description: Designed by Karim Rashid for Alessi, the Kaj collection of watches has the sleek, pared down look of many of his designs. In Rashid's words, the collection is symbolic of technology, the cosmos, and the passage and cyclical nature of time. In layman's terms, they're just very attractive watches.We are giving away a watch in either black, pink, orange, red, green, blue or lilac.

To enter, all you have to do is:
1. Fill out the name/email address fields in the comment form
2. Leave a comment telling me about your weekend plans — no matter how boring it is. Or, what you already did this weekend.
3. At the end of your comment put either [yes] or [no] to answer this question — if we gave away cool prizes like this (i.e. cool cameras, vinyl, USB turn tables, etc) on every issue of a hypothetical PMA newsletter — and if it were only open to subscribers — would you sign up for it?
A random comment will be selected on Monday 2.23.09 at 6PM pacific time. Make sure you follow the rules, or I will skip your entry, even if you were chosen!