Who We're Seeing at Fun Fun Fun Fest

It’s not SXSW time quite yet (thank God), but it's time to go to Austin again!
Fun Fun Fun Fest


It’s not SXSW time quite yet (thank God), but it is time for another one of Austin’s most exciting festivals – Fun Fun Fun Fest, the annual music, comedy, and skateboarding festival, hits Austin’s Auditorium Shores park every Veterans’ Day weekend, and this year, we’re coming along. How could we resist a lineup like this? I have literally already packed my clothes out of excitement because it is very cold in Seattle and this weekend in Texas will be sunny and 70 degrees. Also, Mexican food!!!!! So grab some shoes you can ruin, dig out your sunglasses, pack a water bottle and some sunscreen (seriously!), and let’s run down the list of sets we recommend:



1:15pm Active Child at Orange

Active Child just released a shimmery, glittery new EP called Rapor and he’s likely to break out a bunch of new stuff at this show, so what better way to kick off your FFF?

2:15pm Beach Fossils at Orange

Stick around the Orange stage for a set from bubbly Brooklynites Beach Fossils, who are reportedly playing new material in tour right now.

3:15pm Mac DeMarco at Orange

You simply can’t pass up an opportunity to see Mac DeMarco – still riding the popularity of his (still killer) 2012 breakout 2, he and his immensely talented, immensely hilarious band are sure to break out jams old and (hopefully) new, and are also sure to do something completely absurd. You won’t want to miss it.

5:15pm No Age at Black Stage OR Kurt Vile at Orange

The first of the festival’s totally impossible decisions – to catch the L.A. duo No Age, or the Philly songwriter Kurt Vile? Both released great records in 2013 that we still can’t stop spinning, and both are sure to perfectly soundtrack the Austin sunset. If you’re planning on staying up late and catching some raucous sets, maybe stick with No Age – but if you’re feeling like winding down, wander over to the Orange stage for Kurt.

6:15pm Thee Oh Sees at Black OR Big Freedia at Blue OR The Walkmen at Orange

At 6:15, each of the festival’s three stages boast incredible live acts. If you’re feeling like moshing, stick to the Black Stage for Thee Oh Sees. If you want to twerk, there’s nowhere to be but Big Freedia. And if you just want to yell along with Hamilton Leithauser, you’d best check out the Walkmen – we hope they’ll be breaking out new material.

7:30pm Cut Copy at Orange OR Bill Callahan at Yellow

Again, choose wisely depending on your plans for the rest of the evening – keep it chill with Bill Callahan, who just released his dreamy, eerie fifteenth record, Dream River, or go and dance with Cut Copy, who just released their effortlessly danceable fourth record, Free Your Mind. Both are contenders for our favorite records of 2013, so we’re struggling with this dilemma too.

8:45pm Snoop Dogg at Orange OR Flag at Black

How will you close out your evening at FFF – with a set from Snoop Dogg or a set from one of the two (this one’s the Keith Morris-fronted one) reunited Black Flags? The choice is yours.


The Young, Merchandise, Lemuria, Chelsea Light Moving at the Mohawk

If you’ve got the energy to stay out for one of the FFF-curated night shows around Austin, this is the place to be. Chelsea Light Moving is Thurston Moore’s new, heavy post-punk band, the Tampa industrial quartet Merchandise is one of our favorite acts in the world right now, and Lemuria (not the fictional continent, the Buffalo, NY-based melodic punk trio) and Austin’s own noisy, ungoogleable The Young are sure to put on great sets too.




1:40pm Bleached at Orange

If you can make it out of bed in time, let the ex-Mika Miko sisters Jennifer and Jessie Clavin wake you up with a 1:40pm set of fun garage-pop from their new band, Bleached. Their debut full-length, Ride Your Heart, dropped in April, so they’re sure to play some cuts from that – but cross your fingers for some new stuff too.

2:30pm White Lung at Black OR Merchandise at Orange

Your first tough decision of the day – if you caught Merchandise at the Mohawk Friday night, you might want to wander over to the Black stage to check out Vancouver punks White Lung. But if you didn’t see Merchandise, now’s your last chance at FFF and you’ll probably want to take it.

3:20pm Melt-Banana at Black OR Chelsea Light Moving at Orange

Here’s another tough decision between two great quasi-legacy acts – the seminal Tokyo noise band Melt-Banana or Thurston Moore’s new project, Chelsea Light Moving. Melt-Banana will perfectly follow-up White Lung (ditto with Merchandise and Chelsea Light Moving), so it’s probably a good idea to stick with the stage you’re at.

4:15pm Chromatics at Blue

The Blue stage boasts two excellent Italians Do It Better acts right in a row, so that’s probably where you should be. We haven’t seen Chromatics live yet, so we’re pretty psyched.

5:15pm Glass Candy at Blue

Don’t move an inch, because Chromatics’ Johnny Jewel’s duo with the singer Ida No is up next, and we’ve heard great things about their live set.

5:50pm Television at Orange

One of the biggest draws (at least for us) at FFF this year was a set from the seminal New York post-punk band Television. We have absolutely no idea what they’ll play (new material? classic stuff?), which makes it even more exciting. And what with the lineup for the rest of the evening at the Orange stage, you’ll want to be here.

7pm Deerhunter at Orange

We’re pretty sure we’ve hyped Deerhunter’s set at every festival they’ve played in 2013, but basically, we here at Pretty Much Amazing will always recommend that you see Deerhunter whenever you have the opportunity to see Deerhunter. It’s for your own good, okay?

8:30pm M.I.A. at Orange

You can’t miss a headlining set from Maya Arulpragasam, who just leaked her own long-delayed new record Matangi and remains one of the most badass women alive. Bonus: a friend who was lucky enough to score tickets to one of M.I.A.’s recent Terminal 5 shows in New York sent me a series of cryptic, ecstatic texts quoting Shelley’s “Ozymandias” and stuff, so we’re guessing her new live set is pretty awesome.


Hunters, Bleached, the Men at North Door

There’s a bunch of great night stuff going on, but this show’s probably our favorite – Hunters aren’t playing a set inside the festival grounds, so this is your only opportunity to catch them. If you slept through Bleached and worry you might sleep through the Men’s early-ish set Sunday, this is your spot.




2:40pm the Men at Black

We’ll always recommend you catch the Men – when we saw the Brooklyn quintet at Bumbershoot, they had recruited a new slide guitarist, bringing their guitar count to three and the noise quotient to extremely high. If you need help waking up, bring your coffee on over – this is the place to be.

3:30pm the Julie Ruin at Orange OR Cloud Nothings at Black

This is probably the decision I’m personally dreading most at FFF – to see the Julie Ruin, the new project of riot grrl heroine Kathleen Hanna, or to see Cloud Nothings, one of our favorite bands, whose live show has become pretty legendary? Play it by ear and see how you feel – either will be a good choice.

4:15pm Shlohmo at Blue OR Washed Out at Orange

You’ll have to decide who to get your chillwave on with – both Shlohmo and Washed Out play at 4:15. We’re leaning toward Shlohmo because we’re psyched to see how he can translate his sound live, but we’ve also heard great things about Washed Out.

5:40pm The Dismemberment Plan at Orange

You’re basically obligated as a festival attendee to see the Dismemberment Plan, who just reunited to release their first record in twelve years, Uncanney Valley, and are playing a handful of shows in support of it. Their live shows are famously frenetic, so shove your way up front if you’ve still got the energy.

6:50pm MGMT at Orange

MGMT’s self-titled third record is pretty great, and the set we caught of theirs at Bumbershoot was great too, though the crowd was pretty lackluster. Hopefully this one will be more into it.

7:35pm Daniel Johnston at Yellow

You’re in Austin so you need to see Daniel Johnston, one of the city’s most revered artists and songwriters. It’ll be a perfect way to wind down your FFF.

8:55pm King Khan and the Shrines at Black

King Khan and the Shrines will provide the perfect cap on your festival this year – if you can stay on your feet, head over to the Black stage to go out with a bang and catch one of their famously high-energy performances.


If you're making it to Austin this weekend, say hi if you see us and please, please, please drink so much water. We’ll be back after the festival with a recap – stay tuned.