GroopEase Exclusive Invite & Giveaway (Last Day!)


What is GroopEase? The common rubric I've seen is "the Groupon of Music". That seems accurate. GroopEase is a new music service that hopes to solve some of the problems people face when trying to find new music and unknown artists face when trying to promote their new music.

When you sign up at the website, you'll get 2-3 emails per week, each containing a free mp3 from a relatively unknown artist, and if you like what you hear, you'll have the option of purchasing the full album for $5.

GroopEase is currently an invitation only service, and as usual, we are here to hook you up. You can sign up by clicking here or using PMA's exclusive referral code: M0Q5M58K.


By signing up you are not only opening yourself to a whole world of new music and free tunes, but you're also entering for the chance to win 50 GroopEase credits, or the equivalent of 10 free albums. The window to enter this giveaway closes April 19th. So you've got to plenty of time to sign up and tell all your friends.