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So a few weeks ago, CMJ was happening, and we were all running around like dance crazed party girls. Now that the dust has more than officially settled, we can tell you that some pretty cool shit went down. We talked to some folks. We caught some shows.


One of the people we talked to was Lucas Guerin of electro funk rock band Casxio. Emerging on the scene quite effectively with their EP Seventeen (released on The Hours Entertainment records) the video for the single views like an ode to 80s minimalist serenades to love ala Crying Game. Complete with fog machine, laser lights and the lone female professing her unrequited desire for a certain androgynous individual, it's brilliant, really.

Casxio played a bunch of CMJ dates and barely had time to breathe, but we managed to get a few questions in.

You just played your first CMJ. How did it go for you? Were the kids dancing?

CMJ went swimmingly. The kids did move their butts.

How do you find the New York scene vs the LA scene?

The only real difference is that in LA we have the sunset strip. The kinds of bands that play the sunset strip are nowhere to be found in NY. I wont say whether that's a bad thing or a good thing.

Did you get a chance to watch any shows in your down time (if you had any)?

Naw not really.

Your EP just landed and it's like a really good teaser for your album. How's it coming with that? Are you happy with what you've done so far?

Yeah I'm pretty satisfied. We've put a lot of hard work into this album and its been a long road. We're not done quite yet but we can see the light at the end of the tunnel and I wont be happy till we get there.

Generally when a bands all buzzed about, people dismiss it as hype. Do you pay attention to what the blogosphere says about your music?

I read some of it but the fact is that, right now, the blogosphere has no idea what's coming. The album is going to bring an entire spectrum of light to Casxio that people haven't seen. The EP is simply an appetizer.

Your new video for "Seventeen" is brilliant. It's like a Prince/Chaka Khan hybrid. How'd you conceptualize it?

When I wrote the song I had a very clear idea of who's voice it was. It was a heartbroken 17-year-old girl. Every human is familiar with her. She comes out in moments of gut-wrenching vulnerability, heartbreak and loss. I felt like I had a responsibility to play her- to put myself in a vulnerable position. So that's my end of the story. Hilton Carter directed it and had the idea of creating a clubesque scene a la MJ's "Rock With You" video.

What are you up to right now, at this very moment (besides answering these questions)?

I'm writing music for an ad for Old Spice. Their ads are genius.

If you weren't trying to make it work with this gig, what else would you be doing with your life?