We're Going to Fun Fun Fun Fest

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fff fest 10 years.gif

Okay, so here’s some cool news.

This weekend, Fun Fun Fun Fest hits Austin’s Auditorium Shores for the tenth time in a row. Fact: For a festival that notoriously books some of the more obscurely fantastic playbills year after year, the hype associated with FFF Fest's decade anniversary was palpable. The pressure was on for the folks over at Giant Noise, who were sort of inadvertently tasked with compiling a lineup to obliterate every lineup that came before it. Big shoes? You could say that.

Spoiler Alert: They did their job, and they did it well. The lineup, as expected, is absurd. And as is the case for most festivals with lineups as epic as this one, at least one of us will be on the ground all weekend long. Only this time, WE’LL BE DOCUMENTING EVERYTHING.

Okay, so we won’t be documenting everything. Our breakfast will remain a mystery, and the walk from the venue to our hotel kind of sucks, so we’ll leave that out, too. Our interview lineup, however, is pretty badass, and we’ve been invited to some great late-night shows, so be on the lookout for tons of exclusive content over the next few days.

That’s all for now, but stay tuned!