Original photograph by Rodrigo M

I took a break from from the PMACAST for a few weeks because I wasn't feeling particularly inspired to come up with a significant group of songs to line up for you. The last PMACAST was directed by remix artist RAC and became the most popular installment yet, with nearly 16,000 downloads.

This one goes out to Six Feet Under, for inspiring this mix. I just finished watching the entire series on Blu-Ray yet again. It took all I had to refrain from using Sia's "Breathe Me".

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Here is this episode's tracklist:
jj "5 Minuter Med JJ"
Lil Wayne "I Feel Like Dying" (Flying Lotus Remix)
Animal Collective "Daily Routine" (Phaseone Remix)
Thom Yorke "All For The Best"
TV on the Radio "Love Dog"
The Big Pink "Too Young To Love"
The Notwist "Boneless" (Grizzly Bear Remix)
The Raveonettes "Heart of Stone"
The Dead Weather "I Cut Like a Buffalo"
Yeah Yeah Yeahs "Cheated Hearts"
1,2,3 "Can't Bribe God"
Jay-Z & The Beatles "What More Can I Say"