PMACAST No.036 | Coachella 2011


The West Coast's premiere music festival, Coachella, will take place this weekend. Some of you may already be there, or at least on your way, but most of you will probably be following all of the fun on Facebook, Twitter and most importantly, on the Live YouTube Webcast. You guys probably know all about the Coachella lineup and set times, too.

Anyway, for the 36th installment of the PMACAST, I decided to make a bit of a roadmix of bands I would try to catch at Coachella, if I were you. On the flip side, if you aren't going, you can still up this on your iPod and and kick back for about 70 minutes.

00:00 - 08:20 Tame Impala - "Desire Be, Desire Go" (Daytrotter Version)
08:21 - 10:03 the morning benders - "Cold War (Nice Clean Fight)"
10:04 - 15:11 Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti - "Round and Round"
15:12 - 19:24 The Drums - "Me and the Moon" (Twin Shadow Remix With No FX)
19:25 - 22:44 Rye Rye - "Sunshine" featuring M.I.A.
22:45 - 26:45 The Radio Dept. - "Never Follow Suit"
26:46 - 30:44 YACHT - "Dystopia"
30:45 - 36:45 Drake - "Forever" (Nosaj Thing Remix)
36:46 - 39:12 Earl Sweatshirt (OFWGTKA) - "Earl"
39:13 - 43:03 HEALTH - "USA Boys"
43:04 - 47:38 Panda Bear (Animal Collective) - "Slow Motion"
47:39 - 52:06 Foster The People - "Helena Beat"
53:07 - 55:21 Cults - "Oh, My God" (Daytrotter Version)
55:22 - 59:17 Freelance Whales - "Girl U Want" (Devo Cover)
59:18 - 1:02:40 The Tallest Man on Earth - "King of Spain"
1:02:41 - 1:04:57 PJ Harvey - "The Last Living Rose"
1:04:58 - 1:12:02 Kanye West - "Christian Dior Denim Flow"

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