PMA's Oscar Live-Blog, PART TWO: 10:00 Onward!


Hey again guys. The live-blog (and the Oscars themselves) is going pretty well so far. I figured that the last page was getting way too long, so click on for the continuation of PMA's LIVE Oscar blog! Keep on commenting and interacting.

10:04- The Best Supporting Actor is finally here, and Heath Ledger's classic villain should finally be recognized by the Academy in just a minute.

10:08- Congratulations to Heath Ledger for his posthumous victory. One of film's all-time great performances.

10:11- These documentaries look great. I have to see "Man On Wire."

10:13- Bill Maher! I like him. I didn't see his movie though, was it any good?

10:16- "Man On Wire" takes it, in a predictable win- I've heard nothing but incredible things about the movie.

10:18- "Smile Pinki" takes Best Documentary Short.

10:24- Sweet action montage. Although it could use a little more spice- I liked how the comedy one and the animation one had something new created specifically for it- Rogen and Franco, Wall-E finding the tape...this is kind of just, well, a cool action montage. At least they have "Tick Tick Boom" in the background...great song.

10:27- Will Smith! Gotta love the guy. And he bashes non-action movies...that's funny.

10:28- Benjamin Button picks up a deserved Oscar for best Special Effects...some of the coolest visual work in movie history, creating old grandpa Brad Pitt and supermodel young Brad Pitt.

10:30- You think Will Smith is overrated, Dylan? I guess you're right- you kind of have to be overrated when you're one of America's most beloved celebrities.

10:30- Batman picks up another Oscar, this time for Sound Editing.

10:32- They really let Jackman take a backseat hosting this thing, huh? I guess it makes sense- he can't carry a whole show with's good that they're filling time with almost mini-hosts, Smith being one of them. Jackman deserves all of the credit for his great opening ten minutes, but since then, he's barely been a presence.

10:33- Slumdog gets Best Sound Mixing, and the sound mixer is out of breath. This is an unexpectedly great Oscar moment. Slumdog is the best.

10:36- Slumdog again! This time for Best Film Editing. You guys thought the backlash was bad before? Just wait for tomorrow, when the real fun begins for the Slumdog haters.

10:43- Eddie Murphy comes out to present the "Jean Hersholt Award" to Jerry Lewis, in one of the night's most anticipated moments.

10:47- Nice montage and speech from Lewis. The biggies should be coming up.

10:52- OMG! Michael Giacchino is conducting the orchestra! He's my favorite conductor- his work on LOST is simply unparalleled. Rahman should win best score here for Slumdog, but Benjamin Button's score may be the underdog.

10:54- Weak transition- Michael Giacchino to Zac Efron. Alicia looks gorgeous.

10:55- And Slumdog's fast-paced, spectacular score takes the prize. Nice speech by A.R. Rahman, who is quite a big deal in India, and now in America.

10:57- Here comes best song, and Slumdog's "O Saya" should take this too...but it's a crime that Springsteen's "Wrestler" wasn't nominated.

10:58- JOHN LEGEND! Love him...what an amazing voice. But what a cool performance of "O...Saya," right? Pretty cool for Rahman to come right back out after singing and win. I'm loving this Legend performance.

11:00- We've hit 11:00, and we're breezing through the three Best Song Nominees, put together in a very cool, seamless performance. REMIX TIME! "Jai Ho" and "Down To Earth."

11:02- LMAO...Zac Efron mispronounces "O Saya." I think. And the Oscar goes to...Rahman for "Jai Ho"! I think "O Saya" is the better song, but both are fantastic and Slumdog continues its domination. Rahman seems like a  great guy, loving this speech: "I chose love, and I'm here."

11:08- Best Foreign Language Film goes to "Departures." I kind of thought this would go to "The Class" or "Waltz With Bashir"- I've heard absolutely incredible things about both. I haven't heard much about "Departures," but I kind of want to check it out now because of this intense acceptance speech.

11:11- I hope this ends by 11:30, I really want to get to bed. Best actor and actress awards are hopefully coming there any chance of an upset or do Rourke and Winslet have this in the bag?

11:12- "Please welcome...Queen Latifah." That made me smile. I like Queen Latifah. And she's singing! This is a very nice tribute. A lot of incredible people in film were lost over the past year, and that was a great way to honor them.

11:18- This is a pretty OK show this year...nice speeches, a lot of predictability, some decent montages, some cool presenters, and a solid hosting job by Hugh Jackman. I'd say that would be the best way to describe this year's show so far...solid. What do you guys think?

11:20- Here's a biggie biggie...Best Director. Funny Reese Witherspoon joke btw! Good for her! Anyway, Boyle should win this for sure, but I guess Van Sant and Fincher both have a shot.

11:22- Boyle! Slumdog! Wow. Let's see how the speech goes...

11:23- Great. Boyle has quite a personality, and quite a mind for movies. Have any of you guys ever seen "Millions"? That is also a great movie, but nowhere near Slumdog. This whole Slumdomination is making me wonder- if "Slumdog Millionaire" had been made last year, would it have topped "No Country" for all these awards? I was always on the "There Will Be Blood" bandwagon anyway, I'm just curious what you guys think.

11:26- Best Best Actress speech ever? Louise Fletcher, who also delivered one of the greatest performances ever in "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest."

11:29- Meryl Streep is such a beast. Look at her, the seasoned veteran, looking on as Anne Hathaway tears up. She's the best.

11:33- And the Oscar goes to...Kate Winslet. Hopefully she'll keep her composure for this speech...

11:36- She does- GREAT speech. The dad whistling, the shampoo bottle Oscar...good stuff.

11:37- Best Actor time. It's Penn or Rourke. But wow...Richard Jenkins HAS been in a TON of movies...the dad in "Step Brothers"!

11:42- Tina Fey is sitting right behind Mickey Rourke...she's so awesome. The "Twilight" vampire is behind him too. But I'm looking at Tina.

11:43- Sean Penn takes the award for his portrayal of Harvey Milk! Not an upset or a surprise, persay, but a great moment.

11:44- HAHA! "Thank you, you commie, homo-loving sons of guns."

11:46- And now he takes it more seriously, to beautiful effect. "We've got to have equal rights for everyone." And an Obama shout-out. Great, great speech.

11:48- And Mr. Spielberg appears, ready to give out the award for Best Picture. This is it, folks...will Slumdog prevail? Or can Milk pull an upset? Let's watch the montages. Jeez, I wish The Dark Knight was nominated.

11:50- These montages are phenomenal...old and new classics meshed. Love it. This last one is reminding me how good Benjamin Button was.

11:53- JAI HO! Slumdog gets the Oscar, a standing ovation, and America's love...although it already had that. There are the cute kids! This is so great...I have to see this movie again. Are you guys pleased with the final verdict?

11:56- It's over, but Jackman tells us to stick around for a preview of 2009's movies. They all look really cool.

So, the Oscars 2009 have concluded. In my opinion, Hugh Jackman did a very good job, keeping the show's flow and kicking it off with a quality song-and-dance number. The show as a whole was, as I said before, solid. Montages could have been repetitive, but were wisely spiced up. Jackman could've controlled the entire show, but other funny people filled in to carry it along at points (Smith, Stiller). The performances of the Best Song nominees were fantastic. And finally, Slumdog dominated, which made me very happy. What did you guys think of the 2009 Oscars overall?

And, perhaps more importantly, did you enjoy PMA's live-blog? Should we do this for more big events in the future? Thanks for spending the night with us! Goodnight!