Question On A Friday: Favorite Roadtrip Song?


It's been quite a while since the last Question on a Friday, so I figured it was time to bring it back. We talked about Road Trips and your music listening situation back in April, but now that summer has officially kicked into gear, I think it's time to talk about favorite road trip songs, whether you're jamming alone or with a group of friends and family. What is your favorite road trip song? - I'm really interested in reading your answers. In fact, I think your picks would make for a great episode of the PMACAST.

If you are a US resident and leave a comment with your name and valid email address* (in the appropriate fields) with your favorite road trip song, you will be entered to win the "Ultimate Road Trip Kit" prize pack. The prize pack will include:

·  The ultimate road trip camera - 5 Megapixels camera with digital video recorder, 8x digital zoom, voice recorder, MP3 player,  personal media player, PC cam, and 20-in-1 gaming
·  $15 iTunes Gift Card
·  Glove Box Car Guide – A handy guide of car maintenance tips that everyone should know
·  Rock the Highway Bumper Sticker
·  Rock the Highway/Midas, 1957 Chevrolet® Bel Air® Diecast Collectable Car

You can also enter via Twitter. Tweet your answer to @pmablog and make sure to include the hashtag "#QoaF" and this link "".

This week's question comes with a sick prize pack, graciously sponsored by MIDAS, who are also trying to find great road trip songs with their Rock The Highway campaign. You can listen and vote for your all-time favorite roadtrip song over at Rock The Highway, if you'd like. Learn more in the embedded video below:

Contest ends Monday, June 28th.

NOTE: You are not required to enter "Rock The Highway" to be eligible for this contest.

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