Question on a Friday: What is your favorite song?


We are going to start up our Question on a Friday again — though it will probably be Saturday when you see this. I've been out all day, sue me. Anyway, this weekend's Question is a tricky one — what is your favorite song? And yes, I do mean ever. And yes you can only choose one. And YES there is loot involved.

If you answer this weekend's question and leave a valid* email address in the email field, you will be entered to win a Threadless "Funkalicious" Prize Pack, which includes a Tee shirt and an iPhone case featuring the fresh design you see up there, as well as a $25 Gift Card to Threadless. You can see the tee shirt and iPhone case by following the provided links.

Next Thursday, April 22nd, I will select an a winner at random.

Contest is CLOSED! Congratulations to Alexander, whose favorite song is "A Day In The Life" by The Beatles.

* A valid email address means: a) this is a registered email address that will reach someone, and that b) the email address is listed in PMA's subscriber list. To validate your email address, please subscribe here (100% free).