Radiohead Vinyl Giveaway


I know you're still listening to Radiohead's compelling and complicated The King of Limbs, but EMI hooked us up with some Radiohead swag to give away. So hit pause on Limbs and check out what we have to offer:

First and foremost, I should say that this is strictly a US Facebook contest. And only those who "like"/fan us on Facebook (aka our friends) and have a US mailing address are allowed to play. That's just how it is.

Anyway, we have OK Computer (180g LP), The Bends (180g LP) and Kid A (10" 140g LP) on vinyl and Radiohead's The Best Of (CD) from EMI. But because I'm a great guy and all that, I decided to also throw in my extra copies of In Rainbows (LP) and Paranoid Android (12") on vinyl. To enter to win all of this loot, simply answer this question (click the link).

Last but not least, here is "Little By Little," my favorite song from The King of Limbs (of the day).

Radiohead - "Little By Little"

For the record, my favorite Radiohead album is OK Computer (shocking, I know), followed by In Rainbows and/or The Bends.