Spring Music Preview, Pt. 2

Spring Music Preview

Here is the second part of our Spring Music Preview (part one is here). These are the albums we're most looking forward to through June 21.

Beach House: Bloom (1of8)
Beach House's third record Teen Dream was a defining, refining step for the band into emotionally rife territory - it's hard to listen to that one without chills going up your spine. Based on the band's released singles, their upcoming release Bloom sounds like it'll have a similar effect: we'll see when it's released May 15.


Best Coast: The Only Place (2of8)
Best Coast might have made a name for herself writing songs about boys, cats, and weed, but it can't be denied that Bethany Cosentino is a great pop songwriter with a knack for catchy guitar lines. Though her lyrical content on The Only Place might have matured, those pop hooks haven't gone anywhere. The record drops May 15.



Simian Mobile Disco: Unpatterns (3of8)
Simian Mobile Disco have been psyching us up for their new record Unpatterns with an interesting array of preview tracks that range from ambient drones to creepy-sexy club bangers - basically, it's working. We can't wait to hear the whole thing on May 15.


El-P: Cure4Cancer (4of8)
Clearly El-P spent the entirety of the five years since he released his last album recruiting amazing collaborators and writing utterly fantastic beats, because his swarming, massive first Cancer4Cure single "The Full Retard" is still stuck in our heads - from those killer verses to that amazing groove, we hope the rest of his record doesn't let up for a second, either. It drops May 22.

El-P Cure4Cancer


Sigur Ros: Valtari (5of8)
Sigur Ros'sValtari, their first full-length release since 2008, purportedly plays with more electronic influences than we're used to from the band, but based on their released singles, we're looking at music just as gorgeous, austere, and atmospheric. It drops on May 28.

Sigur Ros Valtari

The Walkmen: Heaven (6of8)
The Walkmen have been one of the best bands in the world for over ten years, all the songs on their five released records to date have probably been scientifically proven to be the best to yowl along to when you're drunk, and the tracks we've gotten a chance to sample from their upcoming record Heaven are totally awesome. We can't wait to hear the rest on May 29.



Japandroids: Celebration Rock (7of8)
So far the stuff we've heard from Japandroids' Celebration Rock sounds like the album's title is a new genre the band invented to describe their material - driving, angsty, noisy, catchy pop-punk hand-crafted for speeding with the windows down. Get ready to be punched in the face by a whole album of celebration rock on June 5.

Japandroids Celebration Rock

Peaking Lights: Lucifer (8of8)
California married couple Peaking Lights have been putting together stellar new mixtapes that include both snippets of new material and fantastic songs from their influences in advance of their upcoming sophomore record Lucifer, and they've been releasing epic, heady psychedelic dub tracks that feature their one-year-old son, so we couldn't be more excited for the whole thing to drop on June 18.