PMA Guide to SXSW 2014: Wednesday

Our plan for the first day of SXSW 2014.


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Every year my SXSW advice is the same – drink so much water (to balance out all the free beer), for God’s sake don’t eat tacos for every meal, and if you’re waiting in line for more than ten minutes, just leave and try something else. This year I’m sticking to my guns, but I’m also going to add, try eating fruit once in a while! It feels amazing! Last year I figured this out while holding an amazing, delicious, absolutely heaven-sent plum in one hand, a whiskey ginger in the other, and watching a band I’d never heard before who are now among my favorites, just because I’d come to the venue to sit down. I guess that just goes to show that sometimes the best thing to do at SXSW is heed the demands of your increasingly exhausted body above those of your increasingly frazzled mind. It also just goes to show that it’s probably a good idea to have a backup plan and be willing to improvise, because that’s often how you catch the best stuff. Here’s my plan A, but don’t hold me to it, because 1) I have no patience for lines, and There Will Be Lines, and 2) I might just see Destruction Unit twelve times.


Wednesday afternoon, if you have any idea what’s good for you, you will be at #PMAVILLAGE take two, the party we’re putting on with help from Danger Village and Pledgemusic. Seriously, it’s at a New Orleans brothel-themed bar (!!!) called the Blackheart and there’ll be goodie bags and free VitaCoco, not to mention all our favorite bands (MØ, San Fermin, Francis Lung, holychild and more), DJ sets from all our other favorite bands (Cathedrals, Supreme Cuts, Lee Bannon, Goldroom, and the Hood Internet), and the chance to hang out with me (Gen) and our event producer (Tati). What more could you possibly desire? If you must do something else because of your personal vendetta against one of us, you should probably go to Pitchfork’s party at the beautiful French Legation Museum, which boasts sets from Speedy Ortiz, Perfect Pussy, SOPHIE, Empress Of, and more.


As for Wednesday night, we’re going to shoot for NPR’s diverse, amazing showcase at Stubbs, boasting another chance to see Perfect Pussy, as well as sets from St. Vincent, Damon Albarn, and Kelis (we said diverse, and we meant diverse). If you can’t make it in, try Arts and Crafts’ party at the nearby Swan Dive, where you’ll be able to catch Trust, the Darcys, and Timber Timbre.


Lastly, if you were lucky enough to get a coveted FADER Fort wristband, you could be checking out TDE's rising star Isaiah Rashad, London Grammar, YG and Little Dragon. If you weren't one of the chosen ones, the entire thing is being livestreamed @ The FADER.