What Were Your Favorite Albums of 2013?

Autre Ne Veut

We've already shared our picks for 2013's best songs, EPs and mixtapes, but before we wrap up the year-end list making with our annual albums of the year roundup, why don't you share with us your favorites? Not only is it a fun experiment - check out PMA readers' 2012 picks - but we'll even make it worth your while. When you submit your favorite albums in the comment form below, you'll be entering yourself to win a pair of a-JAYS earphones from the excellent audio specialists at JAYS of Sweden.

Checkout how gorgeous these guys are (they come in black or what and are specially tuned to your smartphone, whether your rock iOS, Android or Windows Phone - only US addresses eligible. International shipping costs be crazy).

a-JAYS White

Now that you know beautiful Scandinavian design and crisp, robust, well-rounded sound is at stake, why don't you tell us about the albums(s) that moved you, made you dance, that album(s) you couldn't put down?

UPDATE: Contest is over. Congrats, Jim. We will tally up your submissions and share the collective readers' list next week!