Action Bronson Names His Album Mr. Wonderful

Bronsolini's major label debut will be straight-up "happy, funny, rugged, rough rap"

While Action Bronson may be somewhat ubiquitous online, the renowned food expert and copious joint smoker has yet to drop a major label release. Yet…

That is all going to change now, as Bronson posted onto his twitter, in caps-lock, no less, "MY ALBUM BEEN NAMED. THE ONLY THING TO DESCRIBE ME.. MR. WONDERFUL. THATS BEEN ME SINCE I STEPPED IN THIS BULLSHIT." Well-put, Bronsolini. Bronson has also changed his name on Twitter to #MR.WONDERFUL.

Sources speculate that the record will drop via Atlantic Records, who released his 2013 EP, Saab Stories. No release date set yet on Mr. Wonderful. In the meantime, peep Bronson's collaboration with Riff Raff, "I Should Have Won A Grammy."

UPDATE: In an interview with NME, Bronson spoke about the upcoming album:

The album is sounding incredible. The whole album is a standout. I don’t care about individual songs, I’m trying to make a complete, classic project. I just do my music uninfluenced by anybody else, or current trends, and it comes together at the end. Nothing needs to have a fucking theme all the time. This is just rap. I’m not trying to make people think I’m some sort of scientific wizard or inspirational poet. Fuck that! It’s just happy, funny, rugged, rough rap.