Album Stream: Doldrums - "Lesser Evil"

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Doldrums Lesser Evil

If you're like me and you ever need to take a break from the hyper-minimalist art-electro that's trendy right now, take that break with DoldrumsAirick Woodhead's music sounds like he wanted to incorporate every cool sound he ever found out he could make into one song. Now he's made a whole record of those songs - take some time to stream Lesser Evil, and just let it blow your mind. His taste for layered beats and deep bass tones sometimes recall those of his friend and collaborator Grimes, but his inclination toward super-maximalist weirdness (take "She is the Wave," for example) is totally his own. If you've only got time to try a few songs, we're digging "Anomaly," "Sunrise," and the title track, "Lesser Evil."