Album Stream: FKA twigs - LP1

Finally, stream one of our most anticipated records of 2014.
fka twigs lp1

We've been deeply enamored of FKA twigs' otherworldly pop alchemy since we first heard her first EP (namely, at least for me, back to "Ache"), so we've hotly anticipated her first full-length LP, appropriately titled LP1. Now it's streaming a week in advance of its physical release via iTunes, and it's awesome - that confidently weird, hyper-layered production is all well and good and probably merits a lot of our attention, but we can't take our ears off twigs herself, whose singular, delicate vocals and sensual lyrics effortlessly take center stage. Check it out - click here to stream LP1 on iTunes or revisit the amazing "Two Weeks" video below. Remember, you can pick up a copy of LP1 in a record store starting August 12th.