Album Stream: Iceage - You're Nothing


I was working at the venue next door from where the four Danish teens behind Iceage played their first American show in June of 2011, and I remember not understanding what all the fuss was about a 24-minute punk record. Since then I've gotten to be more receptive to that 24-minute record (New Brigade) and even more receptive to the band's sophomore album, You're Nothing, which you can stream now a week in advance of its physical release date. It's heavy and fast and loud, dark and manic, bursting with brutal energy like New Brigade was, but it's not solely fist-pumping moshpit fodder - listen to Elias Ronnenfelt's lyrics and his and Johan Wieth's sharp, riff-heavy guitars. Our favorites are "Ecstasy," "Coalition," "Morals," and "Burning Hand." Check it out.