Album Stream: Kurt Vile - Wakin' on a Pretty Daze


Kurt Vile'sWakin on a Pretty Daze has been one of our most anticipated records of the spring thanks to his amazing leaked singles, the title track and "Never Run Away;" now you can stream the whole album and we're happy to report it lives up to our hopes. On a beautiful day like today, we know you've got an hour or so to spare to stream a shambling little masterpiece like this - follow along with Vile as he wanders from the winding-road chords of the record's six-plus-minute extended jams to cowbell-driven soundtracks for driving into the sunset (like the excellent "Kv Crimes") to more experimental driving backbeats, his signature half-mumbled, woozy lyrics delineating quotidian stories. Check it out - and if you're dying for a physical copy, you can snag one April 9.