Album Stream: Savages - Silence Yourself

Savages Silence Yourself

SavagesSilence Yourself has been one of our most anticipated records of 2013 since we first saw London foursome live, and now that the band are streaming it on their website a week in advance of its physical release date, we're psyched to report that it exceeds our (really high) expectations. Is there an award we can give Gemma Thompson for her unreal, brutal guitar tone (see: "Waiting For A Sign"), or to Jehnny Beth for the eerie, film-noir sex-and-death nightmares her lyrics conjure up ("don't worry about breaking my heart, far bigger things will fall apart," she teases on "No Face")? Let's just round it out by finding awards to give Ayse Hassanfor those tight bass grooves (see: every song), Faye Milton for her on-point Madchester drumming (see: "Hit Me"), and the whole band for just generally sounding like the coming of the post-punk apocalypse. If you want a physical copy (and you should) Silence Yourself is out May 6th.