Album Stream: Swans - To Be Kind

Prepare for maximal brain erasure.
Swans To Be Kind

If you've got two hours to spare and possibly breed some nightmares out of today, do it with Swans' To Be Kind, which you can stream now a week in advance of its physical release, via NPR. From the hulking, slow-building onslaught of "Screen Shot," to the space-y desert vibes of "Just A Little Boy," which I can assure you will figure prominently when I'm the music supervisor for an HBO miniseries adaptation of Blood Meridian (who do I talk to about doing this?), to the swarming 35-minute centerpiece "Bring the Sun / Toussaint L'Ouverture," prepare for maximal brain erasure and you might just get out alive at the other end. If you survive, pick up a physical copy in a record store starting May 13th.