Album Stream: Tame Impala - Lonerism


Tame Impala'sLonerism has been one of our most anticipated records of 2012 thanks to its incredible singles "Apocalypse Dreams" and "Elephant," and now that NPR's streaming the record in its entirety, we can safely say these guys exceeded our (high) expectations - it's a brilliant record that counts among our favorites of the year. Aside from the two singles, which are definitely highlights, we're feeling opening cut "Be Above It," with its fantastic backbeat of whispered vocals, clattering demo drums, and celestial bass drones (listen in headphones - or better yet, in whichever of your friends cars has the best sound system - and crank it up), and the sexy, psychedelic slow-burner "Mind Mischief," but don't be scared to get down into the deep cuts, where the band truly break out experimental structures and muscular riffs. Lonerism is really a beautiful achievement - it's rare and thoroughly amazing to hear songs about solitude that are so self-assured and cosmic. Give it a listen, or ten.