Album Stream: Vampire Weekend - Modern Vampires of the City


Vampire Weekend are offering up a stream of their much-anticipated third record Modern Vampires of the City via iTunes now until its physical release date on May 14, and it's glorious. With every release, VW take logical steps toward greater, but still accessible, experimentation - even the poppiest of MVOTC's tracks ("Worship You," "Diane Young," and "Finger Back," which I've played nonstop for about three hours now) are layered and maximalist with unexpected but vital instrumentation, acrobatic vocal lines, and some of Ezra Koenig's smartest and most cutting lyrics to date. Then there's "Don't Lie" and "Hannah Hunt" (with its sublime last moments), caught in the middle, then "Hudson," "Ya Hey," and "Step," the band's most compellingly weird, introspective songs to date. Their diversity of songwriting is part of what makes Vampire Weekend so interesting, and one of the reasons why being a fan is so rewarding - but also, these songs are just fantastic. Check it out.

STREAM: Vampire Weekend - Modern Vampires of the City