Album Stream: White Lung - Deep Fantasy

Stream the ferocious third LP from the Vancouver punks.
white lung deep fantasy

I think Mish Way's favorite word is "vile." The White Lung frontwoman and prolific writer is prone to busting it out on just about every song, which is okay by me because it sounds so profound in her voice, like the kind of fed-up, pissed-off sneer with which it's sometimes easiest - and most necessary - to confront the whole world. You can stream the band's third LP Deep Fantasy via Pitchfork Advance a week prior to its physical release, but before you start you'd best be prepared to get deep in the vile madness with Way, who leads her band's pummeling, riff-heavy, ferocious half-hour assault, inviting you in the first forty seconds to "drown with the monster." It's a fantastic record, high in the running for one of my favorites of the year. Check it out here or pick up a physical copy in a record store starting June 17th.